Why I love the sound of the 80s

In my years of music making I’ve exposed my eardrums to a various spectrum of sounds. Unmastered, original and very big sounds. During this time I’ve learned a lot about creating atmosphere. Not only on the dancefloor, but also when you’re in the bus listening to the same track over and over again. Why I love the sound of the 80s? There are three elements that make up that specific sound so special. Nostalgia, big reverb and neonfunk.

80s synthwaveNostalgia
During my childhood (born 1989.. yes, I am actually an 80s kid) I was bombarded with that classic nostalgic vinyl crackling sound. My dad was super big on synthesizers too. Coming from a history of progressive synth rock he basically taught me the ways of the synth. Now, 25 years later, I am enthraled by the sounds of many upcoming synth acts. Including Kavinsky, FM Attack and Daze. Not to mention notable acts such as: Paul For You, Hyboid, The Northern Lightsckbaudio.

The current ‘scene’ for 80s synth revival hosts itself in that blue-ish purple and black color spectrum. Artists also usually include pictures of Miami Vice, fast cars and that very noticable clothing style. All I can see are palmtrees, sunsets and many many hours of giving yourself that nostalgic feeling.

Big reverb
Going deeper into the music style I notice a big variety of sounds that have a huge amount of reverb attached. Not sure if the DAW you use can run all the reverb at once or maybe they’re sidechained to a different host, but dang, they sound big and spicy. I love the way it’s created, giving snares a huge tail. I always find myself experimenting with everything, including my own voice. Obviously in that robotic vocoded sound.

In the end it all comes down to the synthesizer. The bigger, fatter and wider the sound, the better the reaction of the crowd. Giving it that specific overdrive can help you get noticed in the synthwave time of 2014. I’ve noticed a big change in listening experience. The coolest part to this trend of synthwave is that it’s still an uncovered playground of sound. I sincerely hope it stays this way. Experiments are conducted as it should be. Bringing back that melodic vibe of the 80s into the so called ‘future’ we live in.

The year 2014 feels like the 80s in a weird relaxing way. When I hear someone say 2014, all I can see is a beautiful sunset with dark blue and purple edges. Having this growing variety of 80s synthwave in my CD case I often wonder for how long this synthwave will be stretched out. If you ask me, I don’t mind for how long. Please never let it go away.

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About Vinganza

Leandro ’t Jong started his music production when he was 12 years old. He realized very soon his roots lay within the trance music. He was obsessed with old trance classics and wanted to start creating his own music. After many days, weeks, months spending behind his desktop, the urge to create music grew stronger. Many years passed and without further introduction needed Vinganza shows what he’s made off. Bangin’ fresh beats and sounds from the far east. From the depths of hell into a modern futuristic trance environment. Also known as DJ TripleStar he managed to get over 1,000,000 views on YouTube with his track: Techno rave music. Without further a do we present you: Vinganza. Inspired by all the harder styles and foreign sounds. You can’t miss this Harddance / Hardtrance / Hardstyle / Trance / Clubsoundz producer!

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