Leandro started his music production when he was 12 years old. He realized very soon his roots lay within the trance music. He was obsessed with old trance classics and wanted to start creating his own music. After many days, weeks, months spending behind his desktop, the urge to create music grew stronger.

Many years passed and without further introduction needed Vinganza shows what he’s made off. Bangin’ fresh beats and sounds from the far east. From the depths of hell into a modern futuristic trance environment. Also known as DJ TripleStar he managed to get over 999,000 views on YouTube with his track: Techno rave music. Not to forget one of the classics aready : Vinganza – Nintendo Hardstyle (which got over 100.000 views in three years). Music is part of his lifestyle, the sounds have to be everywhere, to get the music out in any way possible. Thats the mission.

This webpage is a collection of all information about me Vinganza / DJ Triplestar and an update page for music reviews, discography news and most of all information about my new releases. Vinganza. Inspired by all the harder styles and foreign sounds. You can’t miss this Harddance / Hardtrance / Hardstyle / Trance / Clubsoundz producer!


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