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Why I love the sound of the 80s

In my years of music making I’ve exposed my eardrums to a various spectrum of sounds. Unmastered, original and very big sounds. During this time I’ve learned a lot about creating atmosphere. Not only on the dancefloor, but also when you’re in the bus listening to the same track over and over again. Why I love the sound of the 80s? There are three elements that make up that specific sound so special. Nostalgia, big reverb and neonfunk.

80s synthwaveNostalgia
During my childhood (born 1989.. yes, I am actually an 80s kid) I was bombarded with that classic nostalgic vinyl crackling sound. My dad was super big on synthesizers too. Coming from a history of progressive synth rock he basically taught me the ways of the synth. Now, 25 years later, I am enthraled by the sounds of many upcoming synth acts. Including Kavinsky, FM Attack and Daze. Not to mention notable acts such as: Paul For You, Hyboid, The Northern Lightsckbaudio.

The current ‘scene’ for 80s synth revival hosts itself in that blue-ish purple and black color spectrum. Artists also usually include pictures of Miami Vice, fast cars and that very noticable clothing style. All I can see are palmtrees, sunsets and many many hours of giving yourself that nostalgic feeling.

Big reverb
Going deeper into the music style I notice a big variety of sounds that have a huge amount of reverb attached. Not sure if the DAW you use can run all the reverb at once or maybe they’re sidechained to a different host, but dang, they sound big and spicy. I love the way it’s created, giving snares a huge tail. I always find myself experimenting with everything, including my own voice. Obviously in that robotic vocoded sound.

In the end it all comes down to the synthesizer. The bigger, fatter and wider the sound, the better the reaction of the crowd. Giving it that specific overdrive can help you get noticed in the synthwave time of 2014. I’ve noticed a big change in listening experience. The coolest part to this trend of synthwave is that it’s still an uncovered playground of sound. I sincerely hope it stays this way. Experiments are conducted as it should be. Bringing back that melodic vibe of the 80s into the so called ‘future’ we live in.

The year 2014 feels like the 80s in a weird relaxing way. When I hear someone say 2014, all I can see is a beautiful sunset with dark blue and purple edges. Having this growing variety of 80s synthwave in my CD case I often wonder for how long this synthwave will be stretched out. If you ask me, I don’t mind for how long. Please never let it go away.

Want to follow my journey into intergalactic spacesynths? Check out my recently started new project!



Current events, updates & more!

Hello world! 

It’s been a while since my last update on this page, I absolutely know. 
Things have been crazy! I’ve had so much fun on multiple events, which I’ll go into further on this post, but creating a loooot more music as well. 

Easter Rave
Every producers big dream must be: Hearing your music live on a big audio setup. 
It happened to me. There I was. In the UK Hardcore area of Easter Rave (a yearly event concerning easter, eggs, raves, an amazing good vibe and most of all: Amazing music). 

Keenax was playing his music, a really really UK Hardcore set. Suddenly, I hear 
Da Tweekaz – DNA (Triplestar Remix) spinning across the room. Holy @#$*&, that’s my track! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never felt such feeling in my life. I kept on bouncing around the room, it felt like a dream. From that moment on I knew I had to move forward in my music. 

Works in progress
Since Easter Rave, a lot of my music has been focussed on UK Hardcore. Under my Triplestar alias I’ve been producing a lot of new music to begin with. I’m currently working on a big remix which originated from the hardstyle scene. My album, on the other hand, has nearly reached the end of it’s journey! The Quest To Xar has 11 tracks complete now! 

Only 2 more to go! With a very very special collaberation artist you guys MIGHT know from Newgrounds! 

Check out all of my works in progress on soundcloud! 

More info & more madness
For the most recent and up to date information about the Quest To Xar and more, like my facebook page! I try to update as much as possible here!


Do I need to say more?
Enjoy all of my tracks 😀

Synthstores around Europe

For the past 10 days I have been travelling around Central Europe exploring the world beyond my home town.
It was such an amazing journey, I want to devote a blog post to it.

My first stop was Budapest. I kept on looking for the best vinyl/cd stores and found out
was the best store there. It had a big range of rock / punk / indie music that will keep you ‘digging’. Unfortunately for me, as a trance / technohead, there was no genre like that in the store. This store can also be found in the Lonely Planet series and can be liked on facebook.

Despite the fact it had no Techno shelf I would give it my likes nevertheless.

The next store I found was basically the biggest synthesizer store (read: instrumentstore) in Europe. It contained so many amazing instruments  it was the walhalla for every producer staying in Berlin. If you ever go to Berlin and have plenty of time left, go and have a go at this store.
They let you play and test out the instruments if you want. I got a headphones shoved in my hands and they told me, go ahead; have fun!

Definitely check out this store. JUST MUSIC; Alles für Musiker (site).

So overall, I want to conclude. These two shops are most definitely worthwhile to have a look, dig for vinyls and cd’s or just get your kicks out of the amazing producerneeds you will definitely get over there. Underneath this post you will find a picture of the  Little phatty.


Press Pause Play

A must see for any creator / producer / artist / person who loves to be creative in any way. When media spreads like a virus of grey mass.

Amazing documentary.

2012: The year of the Album

5 YEARS OF CHEEZE IS OUT. Check it out here.

To start off, as you can see I’ve updated my logo. The logo is one the things I really wanted to be fixed for a long time, so this is the result. All the credit goes to Asel Sadekova (a great and talented graphic designer who will use one of my tracks this year! Will keep  people updated about that)

Next in line is the album. I’ve been promoting about it on my page, but haven’t told people whats the plan. The main idea is to collect all my music from the past  5 years and put them on an album. A lot of Vinganza stuff as well, since the internet is spreading rare copies, unheard copies I’ve been thinking to give people the full 320 kbps experience. This album will be featured on bandcamp, a great solution for people who don’t have the money to distribute large amounts of cd’s.

Contents of the cd
Basically, I have so many unsigned tracks those will easily fit on a double cd.  Now, since I’ve been listening to my fans, I’m gonna add a Vinganza CD and all the classics of the Triplestar series onto the first one. The full tracklist will be presented soon!

Small hint

Triplestar CD

01. Seizure Time
02. Crabmachine
03. Megaman – Elecman (Triplestar Remix)
04. Athena (on the beach mix)
05. Summerbash (Original Mix)
06. Banjo Extreme
07. Project Summer Island (Bass Edit)
08. TripleStar ft. Xciter – Crazy Xmaz
09. Yiruma – Kiss the Rain (Triplestar Remix)
10. Rainbow Ravers (Original mix)
11. Drop it
12. Sunlight
13. Summer Breeze
14. Spazzy Wazzy (Original Mix)
15. Just be Happy!
16. 8 Bit Madness
17. Banjo Extreme

Thats it for now! Hope you like it 🙂 Keep this page locked for more updates.

First post on my new blog!

Since decades have passed since my last release (5th of August) I decided to keep people updated about the world of electronics with this blog.

I will write about anything that inspires me during the creation of music, the electronical mayhem that is happening right now in the suburbs of Holland, but not to forget to spread the word out about the music I personally love the most. Electronic music with ENERGY, Adventurous awesome music that make your head bump and make it awesome to listen to!

I would like to start off with a video with this first post. One of the classics that gets me everytime and also in the visible aspect.

You can also follow the news here!!/VinganzaNews
You can also have a look at my beatport page !

Nintendo Hardstyle on a Thrill Ride in the USA!