Dance Valley Theme 2001

It has been a shocking 10 years in the world of electronic music. The most experimental time in history. What does a dancefloor crowd likes? What does a space filled with 10.000 people? One of those songs that make me remember the trance scene of the 00’s is the Dance Valley Theme of 2001. Why you might ask? The sound is unique and if you hear closely you can even hear those dubstep wobbles from 0:41 till 1.11! After that part there is a small breakdown and a sweep across the field until the song burts into a club sounding, energy pumpin’ melody burst. Accompanied with the classic Italo bass this song is deffinatly a stomper to remember. Thus not to forgot ‘anthem’ songs are supposed to be the best! I think thats very important to remember especially for producers. It needs to have this ‘special’ feeling. It just can’t be made in one day. Period.

MY RATING 7.5/10

Energy :                                 
Craziness when drunk:    

I’ve placed both themes 2011 and 2001 next to eachother to listen to the incredible change in style. Why I personally REALLY dislike the 2011 version is the lack of energy. The sound is familiar and can be remembered but thanks to the current house scene MOST of these tracks sound like this. And in my personal oppinion, that is pure sh*t.




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