Driftwood – Freeloader

Dance music from the year 2002. I choose to review this one because it is one of those tracks that got remixed a zillion times, got people crazy on the dancefloor but also had a great remembrance.  Not just because of it’s origin (Dutch). But because the song seem to grasp the epic feeling you need to get when you listen to Trance / dance music. Let me notify the fact what I really miss in the new ‘dance scene’. Dance  music is no more. In my day I saw people jump of excitement, really express their feelings thanks to the sound of the music. What I see now is a lazy ‘dance’ scene. Less and less danceable tunes that make your body move in an euphoric state. I agree, there still is Euphoric Trance but thanks to the wide range of house music / tech genres and different sounding ‘bleeps’ the differentation factor is dissapearing slowly.

Back on track
Why is this track a good track to review? In my eyes the sound is quite good for a track in 2002. Not only that the dance-ability is good as well. I’ve heared plenty of remixes. Dave Darrel leaned on the fame of the original and also created a remix. Freeloader starts off with a decent 2002-ish trance intro. Basic and suits the song good. If you’re not a fan of 2000 trance you will find this boring and you might wanna skip the track or search for a remix which is from the year 2008 and up. A true trance lover sticks with the original.

The breakdown of the song doesn’t have large euphoric pads, which were also quite popular these days, but  starts directly with the main synth. The detuned saw wave with added reverb and delay sounds excellent with the melodic melody that actually sticks in your head. No stabs, no anti-climax but a climax that makes you wanna dance to it.


Energy :                                 
Craziness when drunk:    

You can find the original mix in this video accompanied with a music clip. Enjoy!

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