Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for everyone who has ever asked me questions and just to put the general ones out here.

Q) What program do you use for production?
Mainly FL studio. The version i’m currently using and which I like a lot is version 9. For mastering I prefer Cubase.

Q) Did you work together with Hopdiddy? (click the link to see who that is)
Yes i’ve contacted him through a video, he replied: Sure! Make the best of it. I tried, seizure time was created and has now been heard over 600.000 times.

Q) Are you currently signed?
I’m working on trance tracks for the UK Indie label ‘Stories in Trance‘ which include remixes, original mixes and more. I’m not yet signed to release any Hardstyle tracks yet i’m willing to sign if I get contacted to do so.  

Q) What is your vision? 
Currently I’m very busy working on my education studying Communication and Media-entertainment. I’m in my senior year with the major Public Relations. This takes a great deal of my concentration but in the future I will definitly work on more and more music.

Q)  What are your favorite genres in music?
 My alltime fav genres have to be Uplifting Trance, Oldschool Techno, Hardstyle (preferably Early), Classic Trance, Handsup, Hardtrance, UK Hardcore, Experimental Freeform, some Schranz tracks, Drum ‘N Bass, Dubstep, Oldschool French House (Stardust, Daft Punk), Happy Hardcore and every ‘different and unique’ sounding electronic song.

Q) Any more questions?
You do? You can contact me here: vinganzamusicproductions@hotmail.com


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