Jurgen Vries – The Theme

Jurgen Vries – The Theme

Background information
Jurgen Vries, also know as ‘Darren Tate’ gave the trance scene a legendary boost by producting ‘The Theme’. The song raised the level of the modern age trance scene with another bar by claiming a position in the UK charts (position #13 at the time). On september 2002 ‘The Theme’ was released and has been sure one to remember. Darren Tate has been releasing under his alias ‘DT8’. His last release was on January 2008 according to Wikipedia.

Why does this song got me intersted to wright a review? In the early days of Trance, Innovation and Exclusive sounds were the KEY ingredient to make it big in the Trance scene in the time. What made it for me were the exclusive sounds, especially the glides that made it so good. Then accompied with the downwards piano riff that just makes it intense and memorable. To be very honest to you, the first time I’ve heard about this song was thanks to DJ Hixxy. His song ‘Hixxy – The Theme’ (which got featured on Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 1 |  CD 1 |  Track 8 ) had the same features as the Trance version but in a way more and explicit tempo and compressing.

Why is it so good?
The original track captures the sound of a decade in Trance music. It made it timeless but classy at the same time. It’s remembrance is very big. Also with many Trance songs in that time, getting on MTV is one of the best things that could happen to your music. I actually wish MTV played more music again..


Energy :                              
Craziness when drunk: 

2002 Original (with video clip)

2005 (DJ Hixxy’s remix – Full detail information here)


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