Paxi – Fixi (Deepforces Remix)

Deepforces. One of those artist that just can’t go wrong. Since he made that resilient bass sound, that driving, pumping sound he never let it go. In every Deepforces track it can be heared. Very well done in my eyes. By clicking on the video down below you can just FEEL the tention building up. The boom hits, the melody sets and the vocals hit like a maniac. Then the kick in, climax burst and an overflow of pure awesome. I just can’t sit still, can you? Check out the original for comparison. (Electro / Shite genre.)

It’s that pumping, explicit sound that makes you want more and more. I thoroughly miss this in most Hardstyle releases nowadays. This track happens to be Early Hardstyle, yet in my eyes that is also the most driving in hardstyle ‘genres’. It just keeps on pounding and people are willing to blast their way across the dancefloor if nobody is watching them. Good stuff!

MY RATING: 9/10 (excellent party song)

Energy :                              
Craziness when drunk: 

Paxi, fixi, knaxi, lexi, knoxi, schmexi, schixi drauf.
Paxi, fixi, reib sie, knall sie, nimm sie, wirf sie, zieh sie aus.
Paxi, fixi, roxi, treib sie, saug sie, lutsch sie, schixi drauf.
Paxi, fixi, stoß sie, pop sie, reib sie, pimp sie, schmeiß sie raus.


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