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Synthstores around Europe

For the past 10 days I have been travelling around Central Europe exploring the world beyond my home town.
It was such an amazing journey, I want to devote a blog post to it.

My first stop was Budapest. I kept on looking for the best vinyl/cd stores and found out
was the best store there. It had a big range of rock / punk / indie music that will keep you ‘digging’. Unfortunately for me, as a trance / technohead, there was no genre like that in the store. This store can also be found in the Lonely Planet series and can be liked on facebook.

Despite the fact it had no Techno shelf I would give it my likes nevertheless.

The next store I found was basically the biggest synthesizer store (read: instrumentstore) in Europe. It contained so many amazing instruments  it was the walhalla for every producer staying in Berlin. If you ever go to Berlin and have plenty of time left, go and have a go at this store.
They let you play and test out the instruments if you want. I got a headphones shoved in my hands and they told me, go ahead; have fun!

Definitely check out this store. JUST MUSIC; Alles für Musiker (site).

So overall, I want to conclude. These two shops are most definitely worthwhile to have a look, dig for vinyls and cd’s or just get your kicks out of the amazing producerneeds you will definitely get over there. Underneath this post you will find a picture of the  Little phatty.