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Current events, updates & more!

Hello world! 

It’s been a while since my last update on this page, I absolutely know. 
Things have been crazy! I’ve had so much fun on multiple events, which I’ll go into further on this post, but creating a loooot more music as well. 

Easter Rave
Every producers big dream must be: Hearing your music live on a big audio setup. 
It happened to me. There I was. In the UK Hardcore area of Easter Rave (a yearly event concerning easter, eggs, raves, an amazing good vibe and most of all: Amazing music). 

Keenax was playing his music, a really really UK Hardcore set. Suddenly, I hear 
Da Tweekaz – DNA (Triplestar Remix) spinning across the room. Holy @#$*&, that’s my track! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never felt such feeling in my life. I kept on bouncing around the room, it felt like a dream. From that moment on I knew I had to move forward in my music. 

Works in progress
Since Easter Rave, a lot of my music has been focussed on UK Hardcore. Under my Triplestar alias I’ve been producing a lot of new music to begin with. I’m currently working on a big remix which originated from the hardstyle scene. My album, on the other hand, has nearly reached the end of it’s journey! The Quest To Xar has 11 tracks complete now! 

Only 2 more to go! With a very very special collaberation artist you guys MIGHT know from Newgrounds! 

Check out all of my works in progress on soundcloud! 

More info & more madness
For the most recent and up to date information about the Quest To Xar and more, like my facebook page! I try to update as much as possible here!



Do I need to say more?
Enjoy all of my tracks 😀

2012: The year of the Album

5 YEARS OF CHEEZE IS OUT. Check it out here.

To start off, as you can see I’ve updated my logo. The logo is one the things I really wanted to be fixed for a long time, so this is the result. All the credit goes to Asel Sadekova (a great and talented graphic designer who will use one of my tracks this year! Will keep  people updated about that)

Next in line is the album. I’ve been promoting about it on my page, but haven’t told people whats the plan. The main idea is to collect all my music from the past  5 years and put them on an album. A lot of Vinganza stuff as well, since the internet is spreading rare copies, unheard copies I’ve been thinking to give people the full 320 kbps experience. This album will be featured on bandcamp, a great solution for people who don’t have the money to distribute large amounts of cd’s.

Contents of the cd
Basically, I have so many unsigned tracks those will easily fit on a double cd.  Now, since I’ve been listening to my fans, I’m gonna add a Vinganza CD and all the classics of the Triplestar series onto the first one. The full tracklist will be presented soon!

Small hint

Triplestar CD

01. Seizure Time
02. Crabmachine
03. Megaman – Elecman (Triplestar Remix)
04. Athena (on the beach mix)
05. Summerbash (Original Mix)
06. Banjo Extreme
07. Project Summer Island (Bass Edit)
08. TripleStar ft. Xciter – Crazy Xmaz
09. Yiruma – Kiss the Rain (Triplestar Remix)
10. Rainbow Ravers (Original mix)
11. Drop it
12. Sunlight
13. Summer Breeze
14. Spazzy Wazzy (Original Mix)
15. Just be Happy!
16. 8 Bit Madness
17. Banjo Extreme

Thats it for now! Hope you like it 🙂 Keep this page locked for more updates.