Toneshifterz -Till Daybreak Meets Review

Since the whole internet is taking an arrow to the knee, I decided to listen to and enjoy the new Toneshifterz album: Till Daybreak Meets.

Olcay and Elie built up a solid reputation in the hardstyle world thanks to collaberations with the well-known Noisecontrollers. Adding up even more collaberations to Till Daybreak Meets gave those producers the chance to get even more publicity (Nitrouz, The Pitcher, Zany, S-Dee and with remixes of Brennan Heart and the old but still good Donkey Rollers). Offcourse the Fusion team did not stop there, they threw in a special cover design just for this Australian fronline.

After listening to every track from the album Elie and Olcay take you back to the roots of Hardstyle, add in flavoured nu-style kicks and schreeches like we’ve heard them before. Not to forget tracks like: Depth of Though (Album Mix) and Darken your mind lift up your spirits with fresh and new sounds. Beat on the drums takes dubstep into a whole new genre by adding up Hardstyle kicks into Skrillex like riffs. In my opinion Hardstyle should be kept Hardstyle. So whether this is a good thing, I’d beg to differ.

Further into the album How we do it takes a trip to Deadmau5, crossfades into zooming bassflakes and filtering sinewaves screaming to get the Hardstyle back it should be it used to be. A sense of nostalgia can be felt here. The internet travels back to the 90’s where we didn’t have music like this.  Slowly we gain entrance to the lower levels of the CD.

Quirk slams in on track 12. What a Kick – Bass combination in the intro, quite amazing since it’s reflecting the sounds of early techno bass riffs. Slamming into a very deep sounding Nu-kick the track seems to be solid. Well done on the mastering as well. Elektroshock gives the tention and The Visitor  brings back the ‘darkness’.

Closing in with Till Daybreak Meets (Album Edit) tention is buildup through the dark and violent climax, added with an old Jumpstyle kick from the VEC series (which eventually adds up to be quite extraordinary) Till Daybreak Meets is in my eyes the best closing for the album. The story with Zany is not that bad. But nothing to special either.

To conclude this review on Toneshifterz -Till Daybreak Meets i’d say it’s worth the buy if you’re into stomping beats with a sparkling myst surrounding the CD. Now available @ and

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